• Relaunch And ACWR Redeem Code Released!

    Posted on September 29, 2013 by Ali Raza in Blog.


    Wow, what a day. Today me and the team spent the whole day giving our website a makeover! We realized it was a bit messy and hard to navigate so we made some important changes to our website.



    We added a new homepage, as the old one was rather ugly and didn’t really make much sense. We were getting emails from people who were confused about the website, and we decided to change that.  We included a guide on the homepage to let our users know how exactly to redeem our codes.


    We decided to add a testimonial page to our site as well. We think it will encourage people to give us feedback which we love!

    Email Alerts!

    If you notice in the sidebar, we have a shiny new email capture plugin for you to use. This is so that if you want, you can receive an email alert when we add our new codes and possibly even add new games to our arsenal.

    Easier Surveys 

    We found, after review, that our surveys were to long! This is obviously not tailored to a great user experience, so we decided only put in surveys that are easy to complete! You’re welcome!

    Now for the Important News! Recently, the ACWR for BFp4f was released, and subsequently, we released a redeem code for it! Click here to access the redeem code. We believe it was about time new weapons were released into the game, and are very happy with the update, so go get it before it expires!

    acwr bfp4f redeem code


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