Free Runescape Membership Card


Hi! You’ve landed on our Free Runescape Membership Card web page. Incase you didn’t know, we give away free runescape membership cards in return for you doing a single survey, which only takes 3 minutes max. We promise! Please be aware, that we can only provide a free 30 day runescape membership card in return for completed survey, because the higher costing cards would mean we would lose money, so sorry about that. You will never have to download anything once you complete a survey. We will send you an email with your runescape membership code, and instructions on redeeming the code (for those who are unsure). Please select a card below.

Runescape 30 Day Membership

How Can We Provide Game Cardsrunescape_30days

Because we ask you to complete a short survey before we send you a runescape game card code, we earn money from networks who pay for these surveys to be done. We use this money to buy game cards for you, and there is some left over to pay for hosting and advertising.

How Will i receive my free runescape membership?

After completion of a survey, the webpage will be unlocked, and you are then free to enter an email address where we can send you your free runescape membership. Please allow up to five minutes for our runescape game card to arrive before resubmitting your email address.

Is my code given to anybody else?

No. once we send a game card code, we do not send the same code to any other individual.

I deleted my email accidentally.

Unfortunately, if you delete the email we send you, we are unable to send another code unless you complete another survey. Once emails are sent out, each code is deleted from our mail server to stop us sending duplicate runescape codes to fans.

Runescape membership is great, you can do so much compared to what you can do in a free to play world, and there are lots more skills to pursue, including slayer, and hunter. Unfortunately, some people are too young for a credit card, or parents are going through financial difficulties. That is why we give this alternative to buying membership with real money. This way, you can Earn a free runescape membership.